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Understanding Parents

All objects in Mana belong to a system reminiscent of a family tree, or if you prefer, a system of folders (directories) and files. The root object is always a module and can be used in combination with other modules in a variety of applications. Also, modules can be distributed on their own [...]

I Love Lua

Warning: Those technical posts I promised two years ago are finally happening!

Has it been five months already!?

It is time to announce that my project has an official name – Mana. The word originated in the Pacific islands and refers to an “impersonal force” that resides [...]

New Demos!

It’s been a while, but I have two new demos with a lot of previously unseen features. They’re not quite as polished as I’d like because I had some issues recording using Fraps and I’m using a microphone I found in a cereal box. But they will suffice until I can put together [...]

It’s A Marathon

The three year mark on this project is fast approaching. My patience is wearing a bit, since my original plan was to find financing after a year and a half. Nonetheless, I am happy with the results so far, even though I haven’t shown much publicly.

The good news is [...]

Cleaning Out The Cobwebs

Time for a quick update! Work continues on the engine, as always. I spent a few months creating a couple of environments to show off. One of them ended up in the demo videos that I posted in October. The other is a rather large scene that I have put on hold, for [...]

First Feature Demo

This is my second engine demo and involves me walking around in the environment and showing off some of the features. More to come! The video is best viewed at 720p. Once you’ve started it, you can switch to 720p using the button in the lower right corner (under the “You” in “YouTube”). [...]

World Debut!

Here it is – my first public unveiling of the project I’ve been working on for two years. This first video is a quick fly-around in a small, but fairly detailed, home environment that I built to show off my engine’s basic rendering features. A bit of drama is supplied by an old [...]

The Status Quotient

Now seems a good time to sum up what I currently have and what else needs to be done before I will consider approaching investors. Just a warning – the next few entries in the blog will be fairly technical and assume some knowledge of 3d game engines. They will briefly describe my [...]

The Whys And Wherefores

Here are a few common questions. Perhaps once I’ve posted examples and started getting feedback, I’ll roll these into an official FAQ.

“Why create an engine from scratch when there are so many out there to choose from?”

Indeed, 3d engines are very common now and some [...]

Martian Mission

I’ve been fascinated by the progression of computer technology over the past fifteen years. The internet’s swift impact on our culture surprised even a geek like me. Social networks and games are incredibly popular and seem to be growing endlessly. The technology is constantly being pushed to deliver more and more complex content [...]