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WebGL Animation Test

Here is the result of an animation test in WebGL with data exported from Mana Web.

The scene was rendered in Firefox and the frames exported to a Node.js server. The render also shows off variance shadow maps running in Three.js.


To Three Or Not To Three

That is the question!

I’ve been spending time evaluating Three.js as a potential export target for Mana Web. As a framework, Three is nicely organized and a great starting point for experimentation. Its renderer, however, is lacking some key features that I’d like to include in an online model viewer. [...]

Elevator Pitches

A short, but noteworthy, article on pitching products recently caught my attention (to read it, click here). It presents a “value proposition” statement that I’ve decided I will one day blow up to poster size and put on the wall of my meeting room or office or foyer or heck, maybe it does [...]

Future In The Cloud?

My recent web browsing has been focused on sites that offer 3d model galleries. I’ve known about SketchFab and p3d.in for some time, but a couple of others have recently blipped on my radar. One is called “clara.io” and it appears to offer more than the others because in addition to allowing uploads [...]

Not With A Bang

But a trickle?

I’m now convinced that WebGL should be a part of Mana’s future.

WebGL is OpenGL for web browsers and Mana is an OpenGL engine, so a port seems only natural. Three years ago, I actually did a partial conversion as both an exercise and [...]

New Year, New Goals

For some time, I have been somewhat undecided on the direction to take Mana as a product. My reason for creating it in the first place was that I want to use it for my own projects. However, it did occur to me that others might find it useful and that I could [...]

Target Misplaced

There’s a pretty funny opening scene in an episode of “Malcolm In The Middle” that involves Hal and the simple task of changing a light bulb. While getting the bulb off of a shelf, he discovers the shelf is loose. When he gets a screwdriver to fix the shelf, the drawer the tool [...]

Target Acquired

About two and a half weeks ago, I set a six-week goal for having my first “alpha” product functional. Each week would have its own set of goals coinciding with the premiers of the last six episodes of my current favorite television show, Breaking Bad. As of now, I’m quite behind schedule.

Lifus Interuptus

I had intended to update more often, but an unfortunate act of clumsiness rendered my right hand more or less useless for the past month. In addition, I went on a short trip to Illinois and made some repairs to the condo I was in the process of selling. All of this non-Mana-related [...]

Marching Orders

In my last post, I compared objects in the Mana internal directory structure to the files residing in folders on your computer. Taking that a step further, Mana objects have something else in common with files. They can be put into one of two general categories – data or executable (functional).