Quick Start

There are different approaches to making software using Mana and they require different levels of knowledge. Here is the place to learn about them and how to use this documentation for best results.

Here are three typical approaches, from simplest to most complex. Keep in mind that all three may be mixed and matched within a single project.

Pre-Fabricated Templates

Mana provides templates for various kinds of popular software in the form of plug-in modules. The free exchange of these modules makes it possible for Mana to be improved and expanded upon not only by us, but by third parties.

Let Mana Manage

Another option is to build new applications entirely from scratch using Mana’s interface and existing superclass objects.

All Lua, All The Time

The complimentary version of Mana comes with a minimal toolkit for building software applications. However, it is not restricted when it comes to scripting. You can script almost any kind of application using Lua alone.