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To Three Or Not To Three

That is the question!

I’ve been spending time evaluating Three.js as a potential export target for Mana Web. As a framework, Three is nicely organized and a great starting point for experimentation. Its renderer, however, is lacking some key features that I’d like to include in an online model viewer. [...]

Elevator Pitches

A short, but noteworthy, article on pitching products recently caught my attention (to read it, click here). It presents a “value proposition” statement that I’ve decided I will one day blow up to poster size and put on the wall of my meeting room or office or foyer or heck, maybe it does [...]

Future In The Cloud?

My recent web browsing has been focused on sites that offer 3d model galleries. I’ve known about SketchFab and p3d.in for some time, but a couple of others have recently blipped on my radar. One is called “clara.io” and it appears to offer more than the others because in addition to allowing uploads [...]

Not With A Bang

But a trickle?

I’m now convinced that WebGL should be a part of Mana’s future.

WebGL is OpenGL for web browsers and Mana is an OpenGL engine, so a port seems only natural. Three years ago, I actually did a partial conversion as both an exercise and [...]