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Marching Orders

In my last post, I compared objects in the Mana internal directory structure to the files residing in folders on your computer. Taking that a step further, Mana objects have something else in common with files. They can be put into one of two general categories – data or executable (functional).

Understanding Parents

All objects in Mana belong to a system reminiscent of a family tree, or if you prefer, a system of folders (directories) and files. The root object is always a module and can be used in combination with other modules in a variety of applications. Also, modules can be distributed on their own [...]

I Love Lua

Warning: Those technical posts I promised two years ago are finally happening!

Has it been five months already!?

It is time to announce that my project has an official name – Mana. The word originated in the Pacific islands and refers to an “impersonal force” that resides [...]